At SmartMaker, we help you become a “smart” “maker” (tautology!), so you can help create a smarter world! With the resurgence of Artificial Intelligence (AI), our devices, wearables, cars, home, community, city, government, energy, healthcare, and even food and water are becoming “smart”.

SmartMaker helps you understand and master smart technologies including AI, ML, VR/AR, IOT, Data science, and computer science in general. Smart technologies have matured and become so pervasive that we are adopting it as a new platform for generating and enhancing interest in STEAM (Sci, Tech, Engg, Arts, Math) for middle schoolers, high schoolers, college students, and adults alike.

To understand smart technologies, we bring meetups, clubs, webinars, field trips, and more. To master smart technologies, we offer in-person and virtual classes and bootcamps.

SmartMaker seeks partnerships with professionals, companies, schools, colleges, universities, and nonprofits to help bring the best of the offerings in an inclusive manner.

Finally, SmartMaker is more than just about AI-driven smartness. Watch this space for how SmartMaker will help you and your world become smart in many more ways!