Junior SmartMaker

Junior SmartMaker Camp

Mobile apps, AI, IOT, Robotics
Gr 7-10 | 1, 2, or 4 weeks
Dates and locations coming in December
Segue to AP CS. Helps in securing summer internships
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Key Benefits

  • Perfect segue to AP Computer Science
  • Solid intro to programming
  • Build mobile apps with AI, IOT, robotics, chatbots
  • Publish your own mobile apps to app store
  • A portfolio of projects that can help with high school level internship applications & college apps

Why AI for Junior SmartMaker?

Artificial Intelligence has emerged as the most exciting technology in the recent years. At SmartMaker, we think that AI is the best new frontier that can excite young minds about STEM in general and programming in particular, nudging them to take AP Computer Science in High School. We teach programming fundamentals by building mobile applications involving AI elements including IOT, Robotics, and Chatbots. A portfolio of projects in AI can help secure high school level internships and with college applications in the future.

Camp Description

This is a fast paced introduction to programming through innovative mobile apps involving Artificial Intelligence. You will start by programming with a block language developed by MIT and Google and end up with an exposure to Java used in AP Computer Science. You will

  • Build mobile applications
  • Control IOT gizmos
  • Program robots
  • Develop chatbots

This camp utilizes some of the  best programming and AI platforms from MIT, Google, Microsoft, IBM Watson, Amazon, etc.

Disclaimer: This camp is not developed, approved or endorsed by the owners of platforms utilized in the camp, unless explicitly stated otherwise.

Prerequisite: No programming experience required. Must have taken science and math courses. Algebra 1 must have been completed.

Our Approach

Our approach is pedagogical, hands-on, and holistic.

  • Our pedagogy helps you "really" learn the fundamentals of programming and not just copy paste code to make applications run.
  • Our hands-on approach makes learning exciting while putting a roster of projects on your profile.
  • Our holistic approach includes mental, physical, recreational, and team building elements that create a motivating learning and growing environment.

Daily Schedule

  • 8:30-9:00 am Check-in
  • 12:00-1:00 pm Lunch Break (lunch not included)
  • 5:00-5:30 pm Pick-up

Daily schedule includes mental, physical, recreational, and team building activities, in addition to algorithmic thinking, problem solving, coding, and AI.

Weekly Plan

Week 1 - Build and publish mobile apps

Week 2 - Intro to AI and programming robots

Weeks 3 - More AI and controlling IOT gizmos

Weeks 4 - Develop intelligent chatbots

The Weekly Plan is for the illustration purpose only. The actual schedule and details of topics and ordering may vary.


Yes. We want you to be successful and stress-free in this camp. Our selection process will verify that you have the necessary background and motivation for the class. Due to high demand in our classes, we will be selecting the most suited students from the applicants. Please pre-register now to get a discount and get ahead in the line (no payment or credit card info required). Tap to Pre-register.

Our camp differs in approach, content, and delivery from other coding camps. We emphasize on building the foundation while immersing in a more exciting technology. Unlike many cut-pasting coding camps, we emphasize algorithmic thinking and problem solving. Unlike drill down camps in Robotics only, our approach is to program with several exciting topics in AI to generate interest and understand the breadth of possible applications of AI and computer science. The quality of our delivery is established by our rigorous train-the-trainer program, and working with them during the delivery process.

We ensure the quality of the camp content by adopting some of the best programming and AI platforms from MIT, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, IBM Watson, etc. The quality of camp delivery is ensured by requiring all of instructors to complete our rigorous train-the-trainer program.

No. This is an introduction to programming for a short few weeks. It takes months and years to become an expert developer. From this camp, you will gain a good foundation of basic programming, develop algorithmic thinking and problem solving, and become interested in AI and computer science. It will nudge you to take AP Computer Science courses.

Absolutely. Our approach on building the foundation helps raise all the boats. Girls and boys at different levels will be able to understand concepts new to them or solidify their understanding of the concepts. AI is new for everyone and is amenable and exciting for both girls and boys. We plan to offer girls only classes if that is deemed more productive.

No. This course does not guarantee or assist in applying for a summer internship or job or college admission. We will give ideas on how and where you may find such opportunities but it is solely up to you to find and apply based on your interest. This course gives you a valuable experience and adds a list of AI projects on your profile that should greatly help you with such applications.

Yes in theory, but 'not likely" statistically! Only 3% or so complete online courses as they do not provide face to face communication, classroom atmosphere, immediate resolution of problems, or team work. For the emerging field of AI, online courses are typically outdated even before they are published. We leverage upon online resources to the extent possible but go significantly beyond. Our holistic approach to in-person learning is the quickest and most effective way to learn new technologies

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